Be ready to explain the reason for your hope and joy!

We live in a society that is becoming more and more hostile to God and increasingly more anxious, impatient and confused.

In such an atmosphere, a disciple stands out as different and as counter cultural. My friends, Catholics are becoming voices in the wilderness, crying out, ‘make straight the way of the Lord.’ Imagine a person whose trust is completely in God. What peace, what joy!

If you have ever been with the dying, you would learn the true meaning of life. Where is nothing left of the earthly but only God, the dying see the only treasure in life that matters: love, compassion, forgiveness and mercy.

The challenge for any disciple of Jesus is to constantly ‘sanctify Christ in our hearts. Always be ready to explain the reason for your hope and joy! But do it with gentleness and reverence so that those who defame your good conduct may themselves be put to shame.’

Archbishop Tutu who fought racism in South Africa was walking down a sidewalk when a white man blocked his way. The Archbishop said, ‘excuse me.’ The white man said, ‘I don’t make room for gorillas.’ The Archbishop stood aside and responded, ‘but I do.’ No one has promised that the Christian life would be easy; life is not all about me and my needs. The cross shows us that ours will always be a life for others.

Now, we need to make preparations for the Feast of Pentecost with a firm hope that the Holy Spirit Who drives the Christian virtues will empower us to carry on the great work of Jesus-bringing souls back to God without fear, with great patience and with charity for all.