Be fruit bearing in Word and Sacrament! John 15:1-8

Jesus likens Christians to the Vine and Branches, which was a familiar symbol in His time. The vine and branches are related to the life of God and Israel’s participation in it. Some vines are fruit bearing, others are useless because they don’t bear any fruit; they are useless, cut away and burned. In the same way, those disciples who bear no fruit in the work of Jesus are useless to Him.

People who profess with their lips to be Christian without practicing it bear no fruit. Those men and women, who know their faith but hide it in order to be politically correct, or enlightened or accepted, bear no fruit.

Peer pressure or any form of adult bullying can force people to do things and act in ways contrary to their beliefs; any fruit produced is killed off and cannot be used by Christ for others.  It is the first principle of the New Testament that uselessness invites disaster and the fruitless branch is on its way to destruction. That is why; the Risen Life calls us to be producers of good fruit; to nourish the faith we have, practicing it daily with a maturing prayer, penance and sacrifice. These things cultivate a good harvest.

For the good disciple enriches and matures his own life in order to support and nourish others. It takes great courage. Some will be too afraid, but the good disciple brings glory to God by leading others to Christ.

Don’t allow yourself to be pushed around. You have too much goodness in you. Let it out! Be fruitful in Word and in Sacrament and you will enjoy your life and be at peace with yourself and with God.