Each family is an icon or perfect reflection of the Holy Family.

If Mary were anything like my mother, there’d be more to say in this story! But that’s the point isn’t it; that our family is like the Family of Nazareth. I can identify some part of theirs lives with my own. Each family is an icon or perfect reflection of the Holy Family.

  • Joseph is righteous before God, he has a good work ethic that he passes on to his son, and he is a faithful loving husband, who brings stability to his home life and to the community in which he lives.
  • Mary is humble, nurturing, and directive. She treasures in her heart everything about her Son and worries.
  • Jesus is obedient, loyal to tradition, faithful and caring for his parents. He is a willing student so He may be a better Teacher.

I believe that in many ways the Family of Nazareth was a normal one with even some dysfunction about it that made it quirky. This is what made them a human family, our family and as such, they mirror the love of the Family of God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Nazareth is the place where we find solidarity with all human families, rich or poor, single- home or homeless, educated or not. All human families are one because of what the Holy Family teaches us- humility, love, respect, compassion, discipline and forgiveness.

My brothers and sisters, we are keenly aware that family life is not an easy life, but we are God’s chosen ones: holy and beloved. If we pray together, eat together and if we allow ourselves some quiet time together we can learn how to live the virtues of the family and come to the know the God Who is the head of every family.

Put the ‘fun’ back in dysfunction and just appreciate the characters that make up your family! As you gather with them during the Christmas Season express gratitude to them for being the unique blessing that they are!