A time to wait on God and a time to work for God Luke 24:35-48

From the Gospel today we can learn three things: That the person who stood before the Apostles in the Upper Room after the crucifixion is real. He reveals his wounds to them and invites them to ‘touch and see.’ This is the person who wants now to have a faithful relationship with us.

The second lesson we can learn is that the Cross is a necessary part of Divine Providence.  It is not a last minute cure when all else failed, for the Cross is the one place on earth, where in a moment of time, we see the eternal love of God.

The third lesson we can learn are the secret of power. All authority, place and action comes from God and without Him there is tyranny over the human spirit. There may be times when people think we are wasting our time here in the silence of this sacred space. They may think that our Sunday gathering as a parish is ‘stupid.’ But the wisdom of God tells us that there is a time to wait on God and a time to work for God. And this is a time to wait on God.

These times that we wait on the Lord are important not just for our parish and ourselves but also for the world and for humanity. Listening is the beginning of good preaching.

Our faith is meant to be shared in the image of God. Take what you have heard and by your actions announce the Good News to a barren world. Be salt for the earth!