A parishioner offered this reflection on what she saw at the 11:30 A.M. Mass one Sunday.  She writes – “Before the 11:30 Mass, Deacon Mark was showing a young boy who was an altar server some things that he would have to do.  The boy looked very nervous, but never took his eyes off of the Deacon.  Msgr. Murray and Deacon Mark congratulated him in the back of church after Mass for a job well done.  They were so proud and happy for this altar server that they were smiling ear to ear.  It touched my heart for all of them.  It brought back memories for me of my youth – sixty-five years ago, my brother was an altar server and he has wonderful memories of serving Mass at St. Colman’s Church, our parish as children.  I helped him learn his Latin responses — we both still remember them, well some of them.  Yesterday was a beautiful time for me to see this new server and Msgr. Murray and Deacon Mark so happy and proud of this beginner.  My prayer is that he has happy memories of his youth as an altar server and that those memories bring him closer to God.”