We venerate today this Sacrament of the Holy Eucharist in which God lies under the appearance of Bread and Wine. He is whole, entire, and perfect in each piece and in every drop.

This is what distinguishes us among Christians and from other religions – Jesus dwells here among us and we recognize, respect and sanctify the place where He dwells.

My dear friends, the effects of this Presence are significant for us as a parish and as individuals. Our reception of this Sacrament strengthens us with enough grace to fight our daily battle against evil, prejudice, injustice and temptation.

When we receive just one host, we have within us enough grace to convert our own hearts and to bring to communion other hearts that seek God.

How could we ever abandon or even deny this most holy Sacrament?  And yet there are those even in our families, who are caught up in this culture of madness and are rejecting their faith. The Eucharist is the key to our survival and our salvation.

If we want to achieve communion with Christ we will need to worthily receive the communion of Christ. Throughout the ages, people suffer great violence from the faithless in order to have Jesus in their heart and among them in their parish.

Saint Pope John Paul II reminded us that commemorating this solemnity the Church, “not only celebrates the Eucharist but solemnly bears It in procession, publicaly proclaiming that the sacrifice of Christ is for the whole world.”

Let our parish gathered here this weekend as the true Body of Christ treasure this great and noble Sacrament by receiving Him worthily and then by taking Him out into the culture of madness in which we live and have the courage to confess “I believe.”

This is why we have kept the Procession of Corpus Christi since the Medieval Age, so we can actively demonstrate sanity in a crazy world, faith among the hopeless and direction for the lost.

“Jesus, with Your love befriend us. You refresh us, You defend us. With Your Eternal Goodness send us forth in the land of life to see!”