“God is rich in mercy”


The opening words of the second reading, sets the tone for our reflection on this Laetare Sunday. “God…is rich in mercy.” God gives us time to repent and believe, always one more chance to surrender to His Will. God is indeed rich in mercy.

But, we have also learned that He can be just. He can get angry. Look at the first reading from Chronicles. Priests and people had polluted the temple in Jerusalem with infidelity. When the Lord showed them mercy, they mocked, despised and scoffed Him. And even then, God gave them another chance through Cyrus of Persia, a person we least expect.

Jesus spoke to Nicodemus,” For God so loved the world that He gave His Only Son, so that everyone who believes in Him might not perish but might have eternal life.” God is rich in mercy and to remind us at every turn, His Son dwells among us, here on this Altar, among you His Holy People and out there among the marginalized and the lost.

In the optional Gospel for today, we are presented with the healing of the blind man. What would have happened do you think if the blind man did not reach out to Jesus? What if he mocked, despised or even ignored Jesus? Would he have been happy in his blindness? Would he have been at peace with himself? “The light came into the world, “but we preferred darkness to light, because our inner works were evil.”

We are not by nature evil, but there is evil in the world, and we are capable of choosing evil over good. But why would anyone want to choose blindness when God floods us with light?You see the natural response to the actions of Jesus in your life is worshipping at the Altar. There are so many people, so many good encounters with the holy right in front of your eyes! You have to just see and believe.

Awake then those of you, who are sleepers, arise from the dead those who are sinners. Christ will bring you into the light! And if you should find blind people who are lost and afraid on the way, bring them here so they too may encounter the God Who is rich in mercy.