Repent, the Kingdom of Heaven is already here!

In this Advent time the Word of God takes on an added significance because of the mystery It reveals.

In our search for Christ, we do not have to travel far to find him. He is within us.  No, scripture says, “the message is close to your hand, it is already on your lips, it is in your heart.”

The Word of God we speak plants the seed of faith in other hearts and introduces to them the mystery of Christ from which the world draws strength and mission.

It is by absorbing this Word through our senses and in our hearts that the Advent of Christ becomes an authentic practice. When the Word meets us in our heart and in our daily lives, our transformation takes place, the beginning of our conversion to the new way that Jesus preached and preaches to us this morning.

We should not be afraid of meeting Christ and of being liberated from sin. The Spiritual life is not a lonely one in that Jesus walks with us. It is a life, however, that is eternally empty without Him.

Advent then is an expectation of Christ’s coming and a manifestation of the Christ Who is already here. Open your eyes and your ears-the doors of your soul and do not be anxious about letting in light!  For when the Word of God is spoken, we are moved by what is said and the steps of conversion begin. Saint Augustine once wrote, “ It is by design that Jesus hid the last day from us-so that we’d be on the lookout for him everyday of our lives.”

Look, prepare and “repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!”