Who or what is a catechist?

A “catechist” is a fully-initiated Catholic who passes on the fullness of Catholic faith and life to others under the direction of his or her local bishop and pastor.

The hope of the Church lies with the Catechist!

“Under the direction of priests, in fact, they continue with frankness to announce “the Good News” to their brothers and sisters.” “Through religious instruction, preparation for the sacraments, animation in prayer and other works of charity, they (catechists) help the baptized to grow in fervor of the Christian life.”

We live in missionary times! The Gospels need to be proclaimed in new ways to open the hearts of today’s people with the wind of the Holy Spirit. The Church needs men, women and young people to teach the catechism, with excitement, devotion and from a foundational encounter with Jesus Christ. Your fellow parishioners of every age need catechists to teach the Deposit of Faith that is so rich and vital to our Church.

To learn more about becoming a part of the MDP Parish catechetical team, contact Lauren Joyce, Director of Religious Education: or 610-337-2173.


CATECHIST TRAINING – basic Church documents about the role of the catechist

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